Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
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おサルが一匹 There was a monkey

  おサルが一匹 木の上に上った
  地面にいるのは 落ちたからさ

  カラスが一羽 石の上に止まった
  飛んじゃったなら もういないのさ

  おばあさんが一人 アップルをかじった
  二つ食べたら カップルさ

  お馬が一頭 水車小屋へ走った
  走ってる間は 止まっていないさ

  肉屋さんが一人 親指を切った
  キズがついたら 血が出てくるさ

  使用人が一人 かけっこに出た
  かけてる間は 走っているさ

  靴屋さんが一人 靴を直した
  靴が直れば 修理はおしまい

  海軍が一師団 スペインへ出かけた
  戻ってきたから 無事だったのさ


There was a monkey climbed a tree - Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

  There was a monkey climbed a tree,
  When he fell down, then down fell he.

  There was a crow sat on a stone.
  When he was gone, then there was none.

  There was an old wife did eat an apple,
  When she ate two, she ate a couple.

  There was a horse going to the mill.
  When he went on, he stood not still.

  There was a butcher cut his thumb,
  When it did bleed, then blood did come.

  There was a lackey ran a race,
  When he ran fast, he ran apace.

  There was a cobbler clouting shoon,
  When they were mended, they were done.

  There was a navy went to Spain,
  When it returned, it came again



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